Monday, April 5

A word to the wise about Biltwell

It may surprise you (ha ha!) that the world of choppers and custom motorcycles has its fair share of kooks, flakes, idiots, egotists and rip-off chancers. And we've had our eyes opened to these kinds of characters in the three years we've been publishing.

For a self-funded breadline publication like ours, it only takes one shop to refuse to pay for their copies of GKM (yes, we're dealing with one right now), one chopper builder to bail on a promised article at the last minute or one advertiser to break a verbal contract to cause us genuine grief.

So it's refreshing to deal with a company that does what it says it's going to; pays when you ask it to; offers constant advice, help and encouragement; and most importantly of all, is genuinely as passionate about motorcycles (not to be confused with 'motorcycle lifestyle') as we are.

You may have noticed that Biltwell has advertised in every single issue of GKM. They've been rock-steady and enthusiastic advocates of the magazine since day one (they didn't have to be, we could easily have crashed and burned after one issue). And you know what, Bill and McGoo are as dependable and can-do individuals as some people we've dealt with are cynical and unreliable.

Even if they didn't produce a line of top-quality motorycle-related products and put on some of the US's best chopper events, their integrity alone would be enough to make them unusual in this business.

I recommend them.


motoguru. said...

I couldn't agree more.

Quaffmeister said...

Nice Guy, people are quick enough to bitch when it's the other way, good to hear words of appreciation for someone now and again.

lucky23design said...


Flamesey said...

I've just got hold of my first Biltwell parts...Keystone Bars from Lowbrow and the beer bottle opener timing cover from Sumo..good stuff...looking forward to sticking them on my bike and opening a beer in celebration

Bill said...

Hey thanks, Guy, always appreciate kind words. We're doing our best!