Friday, April 23

The Sinners influence

Remember when 'Choppertown' came out, and all these dorks started flooding the internet forums with questions about joining the 'club' and whether they could get 'charters' in their town?

Pretty amusing, but also indicative of how influential this group of SoCal builders and riders have been.

Over ten years ago, before I even knew about 'The Sinners' or that they were members, I was drawn to the bikes people like Chopper Dave, Nelson Kanno and Irish Rich were building. And without wanting to piss in their pockets (another great Aussie saying), they had a big influence on me.

Check out these photos above: until I found these the other day, I wasn't really aware of how much Sinner Eric Webb's shovel had influenced me when I first got my '55 Pan in 2006 and tried this look for a couple of months.

Nothing's original. (Especially me).


Nobbi said...

your 55'Pan is cool, i like this look!

matt@machine said...

it was a cool bike....i can say that for sure...i think i only rode with you once on that bike mate...maybe again someday...on different bikes of course...