Tuesday, April 27


Now that Benny has done all the hard bits, I've got the wheels sorted, brakes adjusted, wiring worked out and number plate bracket/light planned (but not made yet).

It has kinda stayed true to my inspiration (Jack Nicholson's bike in HA on Wheels, with a bit of Speedway/flattracker thrown in), but has taken on a life of its own.

From some angles, I quite like it, and from some it's plain ugly. The tanks are basically the wrong shape (my vision was narrowed fatbobs), and I still haven't decided whether I can live with them. $$$ dictate I may have to.

Colour? Probably Scotchbrite and rust.

Details (lights/air cleaner/etc) will no doubt change, but it'll soon be on the road one way or another. And we'll see where that takes us.


Steve@strathbran said...

on the road is the important bit Guy, it'll morph into what you want as you, get out n ride!

Quaffmeister said...

To be honest mate,first impressions and all that, it's something only a mother could love.

it's all in the eye of the beholder of course

Stuka said...

I like it...gotta japanese flava..sure ya coulda put on a sensible guard but it woulda been just another nice but run of the mill chop...but with that two into one pipe and that guard you are ruling...the more i look at it the more i like it and the more i wanna ride it...which has to be the mark of any good bike..!!

jimmy monk said...

I like it,
it looks like a Rhinocerous.
But paint it
'37 brown
black frame and the logo in black and blue
in the '77 lowrider font.

Pete Stansfield said...

Rhino bike ! must be grey then.

Ogri said...

I love that rear mudguard like that, it's the seat-back that kinda makes it look wrong.

Guy@GK said...

Yeah, the lines ain't flowing... the bike's now back on the road with some of its stock tinware back on... gonna have another go at this next winter.

Flamesey said...

I'd just change the tank and make it more Japlike