Friday, April 30

Inside looking out

Just got my preview copy of this book from Beverly V. Roberts with more images from the amazing collection of her late father, Jim 'Flash' Miteff, who rode with – and photographed – the Outlaws MC in the 1960s.

This is how it was. The other side of the coin to Danny Lyon's 'Bikeriders'.

Buy it here.


tiptopdadddy said...

That last pic is a perfect representation of a Midwestern city. It looks like it was taken on the westside of Indy, East Chicago, Cleveland or any other urban locale within 200 miles north of here.

Andy in San Diego and Elsewhere said...

I'll bet that last pic is in Michigan somewhere, note the Vernors sign over the bar sign in the background.

Anonymous said...

Yep that looks like it is on Verner Highway, that looks like Verners Bar In Detroit