Wednesday, April 21

Never mind Benny's, what about the two-for-one?

Travelled down in Pete's trusty transit (that's alliteration) to Benny's workshop today to pick up the Panhead.

Benny has done a great job dicing/slicing/splicing the tanks so they fit, getting the pegs and fender solid, and the internal throttle working. "I would have thrown that fucking thing across the workshop" I replied, when Zippy & Benny mentioned they'd spent a late night trying to get the mismatched bits to work. "I did!" smiled Zippy.

Thanks fellas: you're gold, as they say in Oz.

But never mind that.

Pete and I made our excuses and scampered back to the Tardbigge pub for another two-for-one lunch {see here}. Talk about Deja-vu, we were given the same table by the same waitress, Pete had the same Thai chicken and prawn noodles special and I had the same Chicken Tikka. We had the same drinks, John Smith's (two pints of), and the same nicely full tummies when we left.

Isn't life weird, yet great?


Pete Stansfield said...

Then sat in the same queues on the same motorways, talked the same shite, got home around the same time, had the same cups of tea, then came home and blogged ! smashin...

guinessplease said...

whoa! where can a guy get one of those tasty ribbed P-pads? just what i've been looking for.

sweet bikes.