Wednesday, April 7

Like ships in the night...

Sometimes I get emails from people with pretty cool bike pictures attached, and despite the best efforts on both sides they never end up in the magazine. This Triumph is an example. Nearly two years ago I got an email from Geoff Giles at G-Spot Customs saying he loved the mag, and would I be interested in a couple of their builds? I said I loved this Bonneville, but then for some reason as we emailed back and forth trying to work out the best way to get the images transferred, the correspondence stopped... and the bike never got featured, which is a pity.

I lifted this blurb from the G-Spot website:

"Built this Lil Triumph for my Buddy Jordan.
63 Bonneville Motor, 70 Chassis, Bolt on rigid.
early 70's D&D springer, G-Spot tanks, Bars,
fenders ETC. Oil tank built into left side gas tank,
Complete motor rebuild, 750 kit, balanced crank, stock cams,
TT pipes, Billy Murphy Carbon leather seat.
This thing is SICK..."

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Craze! said...

Haha! Those tanks are hanging in my garage now!