Monday, April 26


A few years back, Maurice ('The Flyin' Dutchman') posted these photos he'd taken of his friend Marc getting some knee-down action on his Knuckle. Unsurprisingly, Marc's moniker on all the forums is 'Knukkel', and I got an email from him the other day.

He has children almost the same age as mine, and they have had a similar slow-down effect on his bike building, but he's still had time to start putting together this Panhead, which you can already tell is gonna be a cracker (big ol' MGAL carb an' all). We're hoping to hook up when he comes over to the UK for work.

Oh, and he says modestly of those knee-down shots: "I was going so slowly in those shots that I was actually overtaken by a snail, but they look cool..."

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Stuka said...

That pan is feckin gorgeous...i'm in love..!!