Tuesday, April 6


The Pan is in Benny's shop and he's done a great job notching (and notching, and notching) the tanks to fit. Trouble is, now they're done, neither of us is convinced they look right; they are not fatbob halves (not sure exactly what shape they are, porkster?) and they look a bit bubble-like perched high on the backbone. The fender is sitting high and wide, and though my inspiration was Speedway bikes and hillclimbers, with fenders sitting off the tyre, I'm still not sure.

Other tasks Benny has taken on are getting the internal throttle to fit the hacked-up bars, and fitting the upswept mega. Then we'll stand there, mugs of tea in hand, and decide whether to start again or not. The 18" front wheel will help, once that's on.

I think once I can walk round the bike, I might start to dig the squat oddness of it. In some ways, I like the fact I can't make my mind up about it. We'll see.

In the meantime, Benny has been brilliant to work with: super TIG-talented, patient and with a great eye. Check out some of the top-notch builds on his DTFP Blog, if you haven't already.


Trawler said...

Tis true, Benny is the man!
My fender is like that also. bit more short and squat maybe.
How many circuits of a bike does it take to get it right? 200-500!

Bedwyr. said...

It looks great,apart from that seat!
Paint and ride!

Guy@GK said...

The more hatred that seat attracts, the more I love it!

Flamesey said...

I love the seat and the duck ass fender.....saw it at Benny's on Sat/Monday.....don't you fancy one of those skiny alien frisco or shorty sporty frisco jap type tanks Guy??

drsprocket said...

Guy, it's Brat style. The Japanese would love it. Summer's comin'. Just spray the paint and ride it. Next winter you can change it around. They're always evolving anyway. It's the nature of the beast. Rich

jimmy monk said...

I like it,
paint it simple.
Basara handlebars.

=mike= said...

stay the course . . . follow the vision you have in your head and stick to it !

I think it's going to look great once it's done .

Trawler said...

My Shovel at Benny's Is gonna be Bratty. Slammed, Black on black/ Brass with simple tank and fender design. Lotus leaf outline/pin line on tank and on fender and under fender. All my own ideas. Praying it looks OK when done...

Jet City Jughead said...

I am not one for the Japanese fender treatment on hardtails. On swingarm bikes it seems as though it is done out of necessity, and I can understand it in that case. Clearance, Clarence.

I like the tanks Guy, and an 18 up front will look great.

If you do run the duckbill fender, bob another one and stick it on the front of the bike.

Let her be the thick girl she wants to be. There's surely nothing wrong with that.


magua said...

Taller riser's and you good to go!My opinion witch don't mean much

lovestory said...

stoked to see it done Guy