Saturday, April 17

Amsterdam, '89

Playing on the back of a truck at the D Day street festival. Hard times made me sell that Guild Starfire... wish I still had it.


Adam said...

It still pains me every day even after 10 years that I don't have my lovely Crestwood semi-acoustic that some scumbag stole from me. Guitars are like lovers - I spent so much time with it on tour, gigging, recording, travelling, rehearsing - and when it was taken away, it hurt badly.

lucky23design said...

Wow, I was on tour and did some shows in Amsterdam in '89 with my band The Detonators. What was your band? Ever heard of a venue/squat called Van Hall there?

Guy@GK said...

The band was Switchblade. We only played two shows on that trip, this one and the Cruise Inn. Don't remember Van Hall... don't remember much.

Except! Our roadie Chalkie getting a blowjob under the stage while we played at the Inn, and Dutch girls coming up after the show saying 'Would you like to fuck?' in beautiful, polite English.

And! A ruse for beating the sniffer dogs: crumble the dope up with Ritz cheese crackers and scatter over the floor of the van.