Wednesday, May 30

Issue 27... order now... CRO Customs on the cover!

 It'll be here this week... with Caleb's stunning '56 Panhead on the cover (WWNWW!)


Welcome to Dr Sprocket's first column in GK: Ruined in 1960s L.A.
Jeff Baer’s ‘Dirty Nine’ Knucklehead
Ito’s ‘53 Panhead... cursed or what?
Lucky Zip: S&S Knuck & an Ironhead!
Michael Barragans’s ‘30 coupe: truly evil spirited
Lars’ ‘52 Pan: pure Swedish gold
Kevin’s ‘73 XLCH. But is it art?
Take’s ‘65 Panhead... with teeth.
Lucas Joyner’s stunning ‘68 BSA
Inside Hawg Holic, one of Tokyo’s best known chopper shops

68 pages, digest size, full colour... no filler!

Because we're travelling to Bottrop, subs will go out this Friday and next Wednesday (because of the public holidays in the UK), then next shipment will be a week later. So be quick!


Tuesday, May 29

The Gee in the Gee-Kay

My wife doesn't call me a fat old Ted for nothing. I've been leaving grease stains on pillows for over 30 years now and can safely describe myself as a hair dressing saddo.

Rob from Hepcat gave me a tin of this pomade to try at The Castle Run, because, yeah... I'm a hepcat, right? I like it; although it's described as a medium to firm hold, I would describe it as a light grease, with a very pleasant, subtle aroma.

It's made from beeswax, olive oil, vitamin E, petrolatum and scent. You ain't a gearhead until you're slapping petrolatum through your locks. It's produced in Sweden by the interestingly-named Soul Crap Syndicate.

Monday, May 28

Best believe I'm in love... LUV

This is my new favourite pedal.

If you want anything Chicago Motorcycle Supply-related, you need to go to Faber Cycle.

Very interesting company, they bought up the entire Chicago MS stock over a decade ago (including the original moulds/tooling); they are also re-fabbing Flanders and Stelling & Hellings.

Check 'em out.


Saturday, May 26

Summer's here

And you can tell because you can't feel your feet after one minute in the water. Beautiful.

Thursday, May 24

Hello, goodbye

The Dodge Panel truck I bought off Dan Collins is now sitting at Adrian's shop Buckland Automotive waiting for some pre-MOT work.

Can't wait to be driving it... but it looks like it will be later rather than sooner at the moment.

Story of my life!

Wednesday, May 23


Emil rode his big inch flathead to Krenkerup Castle from Copenhagen city centre.

This bike is so nice... how about that front fender? Sectioned and trimmed to fit the eighteen inch front wheel, complete with a handmade and cast trim piece.


Coming soon in GKM.

Tuesday, May 22

Peter Longhair's dual Amal Knucklehead

Peter's chopper won my pick at the Castle Run recently. Look for a feature soon.

Interesting to see the contrast in styles between the Swedish (like this one) and Danish bikes; the Danes are so restricted by ridiculous laws in what they can build that old bikes have to stay stock-ish or risk huge fines and confiscation.

Weird for such a laid back, supposedly liberal country.

Monday, May 21

Bikie Wars

My mate Rene in Australia sent me a link to a series running on TV over there at the moment based on the war between the Comancheros and Bandidos motorcycle clubs in the 1980s, culminating in the infamous Milperra Massacre in 1984: the biggest event in Aussie 'bikie' history.

It's based on a good book called Brothers in Arms, and you can check out some photos from the show here. Looks like they got the period feel down pretty well.

Unfortunately I can't get the first episode to play... looks like it's restricted outside Oz. Anyone know how to get round it?

Sunday, May 20

Tea Time

A bigger bash than last year, but the same friendly vibe and great bikes.

I did a 24 hour dash, 220 miles each way, and the Panhead ran well with only a bit of tinkering with the Linkert required en route. That's my first 500 miles out of the way on the fresh engine.

Thanks Leighton, Eddie and the Stockers for all your hard work. Had a blast.

Thursday, May 17

100 miles in

Richard dropped the bike off yesterday. I took it out for a 30 mile spin, seeing what was what.

The plugs kept fouling (black soot) and the primary case was pissing oil onto the road everywhere I stopped.

So this morning I changed the plugs, leaned out the Linkert, removed and polished the grooves on the check valve ball-ends in the oil pump and adjusted the primary oiler screw which was fully open. Now done 100 miles and the bike is running better: the rebulilt engine feels fresh and strong.

I feel confident enough for the 550-mile round trip to the Tea Party tomorrow... except my wife fell over this morning, twisted an ankle and now can't walk.

She is cursed. I am cursed. And it looks like I might be childminding this weekend instead of riding.

It can only get better?

Tuesday, May 15

I cannot find fault

You've probably seen this bike before, and I don't care.

There aren't many motorcycles you can easily describe as perfect, but it's a word that kept popping up in my head when I looked around this one.

LeBeef – Mattias – is a genuine artist in metal, and his Pan will be getting a big airing in GKM soon.

Monday, May 14

Krankin' it to Krenkerup

Just sorting through the mass of images I took over a great five days in Denmark. This is James on his '64 Pan and Emil on his U, fighting the rain on the way to the castle.

Thanks to James, Patrick and everyone else for their hospitality, and thanks to those of you who allowed me to photograph your bikes.

More soon. Bedtime now.

(No special knock tonight, James and Conrad...)

Sunday, May 13

And on Sunday they rested

- Posted on the move in Copenhagen

The Castle Run

The weather went from dry to wet, cloudy to sunny but a good range of bikes turned up at Krenkerup Castle. Brewery owner and co-organiser Patrick led the ride-out on his Sportster, bottom.

The twin Amal '46 Knuck, top, built by Peter Longhair from Sweden, won the GKM award.

And the beer is so pure, no one seems to be getting hangovers!

- Posted on the move in Denmark