Wednesday, May 30

Issue 27... order now... CRO Customs on the cover!

 It'll be here this week... with Caleb's stunning '56 Panhead on the cover (WWNWW!)


Welcome to Dr Sprocket's first column in GK: Ruined in 1960s L.A.
Jeff Baer’s ‘Dirty Nine’ Knucklehead
Ito’s ‘53 Panhead... cursed or what?
Lucky Zip: S&S Knuck & an Ironhead!
Michael Barragans’s ‘30 coupe: truly evil spirited
Lars’ ‘52 Pan: pure Swedish gold
Kevin’s ‘73 XLCH. But is it art?
Take’s ‘65 Panhead... with teeth.
Lucas Joyner’s stunning ‘68 BSA
Inside Hawg Holic, one of Tokyo’s best known chopper shops

68 pages, digest size, full colour... no filler!

Because we're travelling to Bottrop, subs will go out this Friday and next Wednesday (because of the public holidays in the UK), then next shipment will be a week later. So be quick!



WhitelinePsycho said...

Unreal, bring it on !!!

Anonymous said...

If only, a bit more hair would be nice too, on the head that is...plenty elsewhere dammit!

jimmy monk said...

Who's the guy that ate Caleb?