Friday, May 4

The Phoenix

Friday night was Phoenix night. Go up west, get limbered up on Chieftain and Thunderbird then down into the basement to dance into the early hours.

In those days it was box jackets and pegs. Only the ruffians rocked dealers.

Southend were usually fighting Northolt... girls and boys. Tom Ingram was spinning 'em.

And tracks like this, at full sweaty volume, left their indelible imprint on all of us.

Nice to hear a version of this on Richard Hawley's 'Rockabilly Radio' show last night. Mark Lamarr (Yogi!) can never be replaced, but it's gratifying to hear this music on the UK's biggest station.

HERE, if you missed it.

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WhitelinePsycho said...

It's all too beautiful mate, couple of great posts, the life by vicarious means is always a blast, the only way to check out the Zoo Humane, enjoy the weekend.