Friday, May 4

Living vicariously... still

So... I was looking forward to bringing you triumphant photos of me unloading the Panhead back at home after its 10 month stay in intensive care; thumbs-up poses, smiles, unabashed look of relief on my face.

But as I have learned during this rebuild, nothing can be predicted. Bottom line: it's still being worked on. I have to be positive though: I actually rode it today and the engine runs beautifully... and I hope it will be a matter of just a few more days until I have it back in the garage for good: sorted, strong and ready for some summer adventure.

In the meantime, Bill Mize sent me an email about a trip he just took with photographer Tim O'Keefe, from Texas up into Oklahoma; the message arrived at just the right time to inspire me to be patient for... a... little... longer.

More evocative photos on Tim's sexy blog, HERE.


Quaffmeister said...

Patience is a virtue and all that mate, plus it's shit riding weather any way!

Roger Chambers said...

Not far to go now mate.......take heart, my bikes's got the top end off as of today. The lack of compression finally got to me, so we pulled it down at the shop.....hopefully only a few weekends work!

Knuckle Buster said...

WTF? Oh and Tim's Blog is great!