Thursday, April 22


My introduction to old British bikes was this early '50s D1 Bantam.

The relationship was strained and we agreed to part sometime in the early 1980s.

I haven't owned a Beesa since.

But worryingly I still have a couple of the 'tools' in that picture.


steve / stockers said...

Hey Guy. the D1 was my first brit bike back in 79....great little bikes, mine was an ex GPO bike...butterfly choke is still the nicest design to

Anonymous said...

I had one too, second brit bike. First was a James autocycle. Had the timing so far out on the chook I actually had it running backwards which was a giggle. It wouldn't pull the skin off a rice pudding and the single speed 98cc James had way more pull with that nice brass flywheel.

Dave Simons said...

My 11 year old Daughter and I renovated one last year (D3 plunger), as she got the itch helping me on my A 65. Now she wants to build a bantam racer / cafe as one of the blokes at the 'Ace' was a bit disparaging! Hint, don't let young girls near bantams, they get 'bird flew'! Dave South Australia