Sunday, March 4

The two gentlemen of Verona

Stefano and Christian of ChopperLab in Rimini won the GKM prize at the Verona Expo in January for Christian's tuff dual-Dell'Orto Panhead.

And now we have some location shots of it, we'll be bringing you a feature soon. This article will be a welcome return to GKM for my brother Adam, who was UK editor when we published from Australia... he will be writing the feature (after conducting the interview in Italian and translating it into crackling prose... Italian Motor magazine is authentically Italian ya hear!).


Bushwacker said...

Congratulations to Stefano and Christian for winning that event! Double thumbs-up to you guys! Wishes you all the best. :D

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Neo Dutch said...

Yo G'man,
What do they charge for their looneynum mag covers?

Guy@GK said...

I'll try to find out for you Dave.

ChopperLab said...

Thanks Guy!