Monday, February 28

Fisher King

My friend – and artist – Andy Fisher is in the new issue of the very entertaining Dirty Magazine getting some well deserved exposure for his print work.

I think one of life's great pleasures is to have the chance to interact with talented and creative people.

(Talking of friends from Kent, I have to thank Phil E for his Kirsty-like appraisal of a certain Kentish town on the coast I was thinking about moving to. "Full of cunts. Nice architecture." Your TV career beckons mate...)

"You're just a hophead with a big ol' bike."

While the cat's away, the mice will play (old VHSs).

Sunday, February 27

Another satisfied customer

I have to admire people who are actually angrier than me. I don't come across them often.

Steve had been waiting just over two weeks for his magazine (the usual delivery time to the USA). I still refunded him (and hoped he'd enjoy the magazine) as I don't want to be responsible for anyone's aneurism, Bro!

Saturday, February 26

Jason Jessee 'Here Comes Trouble' article, Iron Horse Aug '96

I promised to post these spreads from Jason Jessee's second feature in Iron Horse magazine when I put up the Bikerider shots last March.

Well it's taken nearly a year but I finally dug this issue out... #144 from August, 1996. Can't quite believe this mag came out nearly fifteen years ago.

Do I need to repeat how influential these pieces in IH were? Fuck no!

Matt D

Really sorry I couldn't make it mate.

Next time.

Friday, February 25

LSK 951

20 years ago, I bought my first Harley-Davidson, this 1962 XLCH.

It was a terrible introduction to the world of American V-Twins. A bitch to start, with totally inadequate brakes for its fearsome performance (once you were rolling, which was usually after many, many minutes of kicking and swearing).

Really wish I had it now though. This is exactly how I bought it (for £2k) from the guy who'd imported the bike. Its mild custom makeover (done in Kansas) was obviously drag-inspired, and with a different seat I reckon this could still be a good looking Sporty.

I sorted out its UK registration and hand-drew the number plate, then sold it after about six months to a local bloke in north London who I think took it touring around Ireland (brave man).

Anyone know where LSK 951 is now?

Wednesday, February 23

Monday, February 21

For trade: MPD finned primary cover (Sportster '67-70)

Mike has this cool MPD cover that he wants to trade for a later one to fit '71-'74 Sporties.

It isn't for sale.

If you're interested, email Mike directly at

Joycey's gaff

One of the most inspiring things about putting GKM together is that moment when someone opens their garage or workshop door and light is thrown onto their treasures within; you get to snoop around all their cool stuff without having to feel like a jealous stalker.

I can't count the number of cool build spaces I've been invited into and I never get jaded about the great things people hoard, collect, adapt and build.

Haven't heard anything from Joycey in a long while. His Triumph was in issue six. Hope you're well mate.

Sunday, February 20

Beatific Beardos

So this is how the west was won. With enticing smiles and even more enticing scrumpy.

Saturday, February 19

One bit of good news now the snow's back

The new Sideburn is out.

Its sheer glossy, weighty, crisply-designed loveliness makes me want to raise my game every time it pops through the door.

My 20 month old daughter grabbed it off the table and proceeded to study every page. Some kind of recommendation in itself, no?

Friday, February 18

Thursday, February 17

Two for £10

Dropped off the Pan with Pete at Benny's. Tea is always good, Benny just gets it, Zip hates internal throttle bars and the pub's doing two lunches for a tenner. Sorted.

- Posted on the move

Tuesday, February 15

The fastest Frisco-style shovel in Tokyo

This is what a Shovel should look like. Not some oldy-timey bobber tribute but a blatter, a hitter, a screamer. Roots are SF, vibe is NY and the in-yer-face Iron Horse chopper weapons of the nineties.

Rikiya's Shovel will be in GKM issue 20.

Monday, February 14

"Tries hard, but shows little aptitude. C-"

"Spring term, 2011. Guy has displayed occasional bursts of enthusiasm for the subject this term, but generally his mind has been elsewhere. His attempts to solve the relatively simple rear brake equation were ultimately fruitless with the re-lined shoes still binding in places even after extensive sanding."

"I fear his lack of aptitude for the task at hand, his evident frustration and unwillingness to follow experiments through to their conclusions means that he might be happier in a more remedial stream."

"I have discussed this with Mr B Thomas and he has agreed to give Guy the one-on-one assistance he obviously needs for the rest of the term."

Friday, February 11

Nice to see you, to see you nice

I can't claim to know Mark Drews very well, but from the few times I've met him and chatted to him, he strikes me as a genuinely nice man, unaffected by the chopper-hero-bullshit-hype that seems to infect one or two equally-revered names on the bike scene.

I remember at Born Free 2 when I was stuck behind the stall, he ran up through the crowded alley next to Pacific Cycles (escaping the hordes of wellwishers and fans around his bikes) just to shake hands and say hello. Again at Yokohama, he was friendly and happy to chat to anyone who showed an interest in his amazing Triumph.

The image above is from GKM issue six.

It was good to see you again Mark. You're a gent.

Thursday, February 10

No-hope Beardo

I'm in, but I've seen the competition and I don't have a snowball's chance.

Showstopping Trumpet

Damon York's Triumph... a lot of work over many years has gone into this bike.

Read about it soon in GKM.

Wednesday, February 9

Vicious Honda

I love Eddie Cochran, but this is my favourite version.

Fast bikes (yes, I've had a couple)

For 20 years now I've had an old Harley in the garage most of the time.

In the early nineties, my '76 Shovelhead was my sole transport (no car) but as I got better paid I started to keep a second bike, usually a winter hack, for use when the Harley was down or in hibernation. These were usually small capacity Hondas (Benlys etc), although I did once have a CB750 with a top end rattlier than my teeth on a Yorkshire winter morning.

Then in about '97 I bought a '94 Hinckley Trident (one of the first), and loved it. By the time I got to Australia ten years ago I was yearning for a Speed Triple, and got this one off my boss at the time for a song (hence the 'just got it home' smile).

I had this bike for about five years and 45,000 miles and loved it. For me, it was fast. Roger used to show me all the best roads in the Blue Mountains and around Mount White... good times.

Anyway, I'm back to one bike and a low income now and miss that T509. I think this is the only photo I have of it.