Friday, June 29

Badasses on celluloid

I'm a sucker for literature about biker movies so I couldn't resist picking this up from the excellent Sideburn magazine bookstore.

The book's full of great poster graphics and stills as well as a few interesting quotes and film-facts. Sonny Barger said this about Jack Nicholson in Hells Angels on Wheels: "Jack just stole the movie. Even when he was a kid he was a good actor. People from other clubs working in the movie thought he was a Hells Angel from a different charter. The way he walked around and acted in a crowd... the people who didn't know him didn't know he was an actor – they thought he was a Hells Angel."

I am still waiting for the definitive biker's book on biker movies – detailing the bikes used, who built them and which club members played which parts – but I suppose too many of the original actors, bikers and film crew are no longer around to do the necessary research.

This is a good read though... and if you get it from the gents at Sideburn, your copy will even be signed by one of the authors.

Born Free 4... last call!

OK, by now you will know whether you're going to Born Free 4... but if there are any of you who are still undecided, check out the videos, get inspired and go!

I went in 2010 to BF2 when it was still in Long Beach, and this show has become THE show to go to in the USA for our kind of bikes. Grant and Mike have done an extraordinary job building this show up to the size it is whilst still maintaining its integrity and vision; the builders they have involved as guests are the absolute creme-de-la-creme of the US chopper world. It's been amazing to watch... and will be amazing to go.

If you need last minute info, check HERE.

Thursday, June 28

Turbo Shovel

Take one generator Shovelhead engine. Add a turbocharger from a Pontiac. Place it in a rigid frame and mix in a '30s Indian front fork. Ride fast wearing flip flops.

Tyler Mullins' Shovel is totally mental. And totally cool. Feature coming soon.

Wednesday, June 27

On the road to Born Free Four

Not me unfortunately, but our man TipTop Daddy.

He's manning the GKM table again... so if you need back issues, tees or stickers, hit him up.

And if you're missing copies of the mag that are officially 'sold out' ask to see his 'under the table' stash... you might be lucky! (But be quick).

Wish I could be there. Make sure you are.

Thanks EJK!

Tuesday, June 26


I am bailing on the Linkert Attacks trip.

There are lots of reasons... some you might be able to guess, some not (and no, weather isn't one!).

Really sorry not to be riding with my good friends (especially Matt; we'll make up for it another time).

And sorry I won't be seeing my friends from Europe, particularly the two Olis, Fred, Loran and James.

I hope the weather is as glorious as 2010... have a safe trip all of you.

Monday, June 25

Well Dodgy

Finally got the Dodge panel truck home today. Hacked off to say the least to find I had no working brake lights or indicators as soon as I got onto the road... no doubt something simple but after paying a hefty bill to get the truck roadworthy I wasn't best pleased.

As I had to pick up the Pan from Rich Millard (after the bike's post-run in checks and tighten-ups) on the way back up north, he grabbed some tools and discovered no power was getting to the brake switch; quick piggy-back off another switch and it was one problem solved, at least.

The Dodge drives pretty well for a 54 year old commercial; the Camaro front clip offers just enough civilisation to make it a potential daily driver. And I still lurvvve the way it looks.

Friday, June 22

Linda's 1950 Panhead

 I met Linda Norberg from Sweden at the Castle Run in Denmark and there aren't many people who can claim to be riding a bike this cool only two years after getting their bike licence.

This neat '50 Pan was put together by Peter Longhair and has all the good stuff: Imperial primary cover, Bates, Andersons, 4"-over fork and 1950 wishbone. Feature soon!

Thursday, June 21

Belgian double denim

In case you've been living in a cave, the best denim jeans, vests and jackets are being produced in Antwerp by Rob (left, above) and Keith (right), collectively known as Eat Dust. You've probably met them if you've been to any events involving motorcycles in Europe or the USA.

They are long time denim fetishists, motorcyclists and have worked in the rag trade for years: you won't find a better, tougher or more nicely designed product on the market. Even members of a world-reknowned MC think so...

We hung out with them on our Bottrop trip and they are great blokes. And they have the best beards in Europe. Check out their wares HERE.

Wednesday, June 20

Bottrop: the experience

Nice little film by the Air Sailors covering lots of the cars and bikes at Bottrop... there were quite a few more than I remember! (Beer).

Tuesday, June 19

You meet the nicest people on a...

...Honda chopper.

Say hello to Teemu from Finland.

We don't feature enough Japanese bikes and are redressing the balance with this beautifully compact 750-4. Coming soon.

Shot for us by Segu from the very fine Kopteri Magazine.

Monday, June 18

Trophy girls wanted

Calling all swinging sisters, kool kittens, vintage vixens and beatnik beauties... want to win TWO FREE WEEKEND TICKETS for THE TRIP OUT 2012 and a cool Trophy Queen product?

We need 60s-style trophy queens for the bike show... so if you think you fit the bill, send your pictures to by Friday 29th June

Check out the Trip Out HERE... GKM is sponsoring the bike show, and DicE are having a party Friday night. Do not miss it!

Sunday, June 17

Kill's killer U

What is it about big inch flatheads and Australia? There seem to be more there than anywhere else in the world... and Tim Kill's is, well... killer.

I'm a sucker for bare metal bikes and Tim's '44 U has got it all going on, from the stance to the splay of the pipes. Lovely.

Coming soon.

Friday, June 15

Borstal breakout

Were Sham69 the first real punk band? Punk Brittania reckons so: the middle class art school punks of '76 who'd kicked things off were already moving onto other things by the time Jimmy Pursey got popular on the UK's council estates.

What a great band though: super tight and with a chainsaw sound that still sounds fresh. And check out the jazz-handed, quiff-headed drummer.

Borstal? I knew a few chaps who ended up there and they all had the Ray Winston air of casual menace. Easy to forget, the late seventies were violent times.

The wait's nearly over... for 6 over

Trailer from Wild Honey Productions on Vimeo.

I've had the privilege of enjoying the odd sneak peek at this movie during production, and as usual with anything DicE-related, the production values are top-notch.

And it will be released in just a couple of weeks!

Professionally and beautifully shot, edited and scored, this movie will not be the usual shaky-camcorder-with-an-unsigned-garage-band-for-the-soundtrack effort. 6 over is on entirely another level; can't wait.

Thursday, June 14

On the road

A few shots of our ride to Bottrop by Endrik "Sarg" Witjes.  I think this was when we were coming into Holland... about the only time we saw sun on the road.

More of Sarg's photos in the next issue.

Tuesday, June 12

The Bottrop Bop

Our convoy made it back yesterday, cold and wet, after leaving Rob's place in Antwerp at around 7.30am.

We hit heavy rain at Ghent in Belgium – passing a mangled cow in the middle lane of the motorway that had been hit not by heavy rain, but a truck – and of course it only got heavier once we crossed the channel and got back to England.

Mid-afternoon, we finally circumnavigated London's new moat – the M25 – and I was able to dry my boots in front of Matt's fire and enjoy a cuppa.

UK-France-Belgium-Netherlands-Germany... about 800 miles on 60-year-old motorcycles, with no breakdowns. I think we'll all remember this one for a while.

Sunday, June 10

Bottrop and back

So far, so good... The sun shone down on us as we blasted through Germany and Holland into Belgium. Travelling from the beautiful city of Antwerp to Dunkirk tomorrow, then tackling the last leg from Dover to Matt's place.

Seem to have cured the rough running with Conrad and Oli's help... Plus text support from Rich in the UK. Points gap was far too wide, and we changed the plugs again and double checked the timing.

The Bottrop show was huge; was good to catch up with lots of people from around the world. But really, this trip has been about the RIDE.

Thanks so much to the Eat Dust boys Rob and Keith for their hospitality and help on this trip.

- Posted on the move