Wednesday, June 29

Tuesday, June 28


The moment I put this stuff in my mouth, I wished I hadn't. Add countless glasses of mental cider that tasted and went down like kids' pop and I'd created the recipe for a memory-wiping 10 hours of imbibing with some of the best friends I have.

I only took one photo after dark during the weekend: this one. I knew I had to capture the moment when the toughest (and nicest) man on site slugged Stuka's chili-widow-juice.

That isn't a photographic effect, Stevie's face really did glow orange. And his eyes stayed closed for what seemed like minutes.

I don't ever want to see – or drink from – that bottle again.

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Monday, June 27

Hosts with the most

Overheated, burned out, messed up

Got back last night from Linkert Attacks! UK (thanks Pete for getting me home) with a burned body and a burned out bike.

But what a weekend! If you could have come and didn't, wait until you hear the stories... you will regret not having made the effort.

My journey down consisted of one problem after another... disappearing tank top bolt, broken coil, running on one cylinder, complete cut-out, cool down, start the cycle again.

Finally I got there, a day late.

The weekend is a blur. Dean came over from the States, and I made the mistake of drinking with him on Friday night with the inevitable result. The Cycle Headz guys even came over from Japan to cover the event. People rode their bikes from Spain, Netherlands, Belgium, France and Sweden (good to meet you Paulie!). Superman Tosh was kept busy all weekend mending people's machines.

The Dook was a stroke of genius. I will never forget the sight of Panheads doing burnouts against the bar as bands played 20 feet away.

By the time I cleared my head enough to take a look at my limping Pan, it was making an ominous clattering sound from the overheated rear cylinder... thanks Bedders and Indian Tim for the diagnosis. I missed the ride out and ride home as a result. I hope it ain't gonna be too serious... and expensive. Neil loaned me a coil to try to get home, but I decided discretion was the better part of... you know.

If you rode to the party and enjoyed it, thank you so much for coming.

Big thanks to the Black Widows who pooled their many talents to make this weekend what it was. Many of them worked their arses off over many months to make Linkert Attacks! UK a success. You know who you are.


More photos when I get my head together

Thursday, June 23

Oh shit

I got 50 miles on the Pan and it suddenly lost power on the motorway. I looked down to see fuel gushing past my right leg. The flare on the fuel line where it comes off the filter and attaches to the carb had sheared. I cable tied the filter/fuel line to the carb to get me to the next services, which were three miles away.

I didn't have jubilee clips and fuel line on me (note for next time) and unbelievably the recovery guy didn't either. So, trucked back home, quick bodge, and hopefully it will hold for my 400 mile round trip... starting again tomorrow morning.

On the bright side, the weather is supposed to be marginally drier tomorrow... and that's one less night I have to spend in a fucking tent.

See you at Linkert Attacks UK

If you own a pre-'83 Harley, this is the event we hope you'll be riding to this weekend.

Let's all pray to the Linkert gods that the rain (yeah, well, it is June) gives way to some sun over the weekend. There are some good times in store, whatever the weather, so...

...see you in The Dook!


Wednesday, June 22

Dishing the dirt

You don't see many of these around in the US. So imagine how rare they are in England.

Milo's 1950 WRTT mud plugger got an outing – and a thrashing – on the Marlborough Downs and Oliver Bamflyde was there to capture the flying flattie in action.

Some stunning shots accompany our feature coming in the next issue of GKM.

Tuesday, June 21

Matt Davis

The world's most dapper chopper rider gives us the full, disturbing story behind the 'Shrimp Boat Captain' soon in GKM!