Monday, July 28

The exception that proves the rule

The Jockey Journal is currently sinking in a mire of Jap shitboxes, but here's TETPTR. Pic by Matt Davis.

Tuesday, July 22

Happy 50th Paul

Is Paul Weller the greatest living Englishman? Probably. It can't be easy being cool at 50, but he is. Me and my brother pogoed to 'All Around the World' in our bedroom when it came out in '77. Happy memories. Happy birthday mate.

Thursday, July 17

Freewheelin' Frank

I have a first edition of Frank Reynolds' mid-sixties autobiography 'Freewheelin' Frank, Secretary of the Angels' which is a great insight into the club at the time and the Californian counter-culture. I tried to find out a bit more about Frank, and found these images taken by Larry Keenan (who took the original book cover's photo in 1966, which Frank is holding). Frank died a few years ago, but it's interesting to still see his club tattoo here in 2000, blacked over. He discovered Zen in prison, hence the other book he's holding. Fascinating to discover what happened to these original outlaws.

Monday, July 14

Shot in the street

My bike got shot for a feature by Ozbike magazine today. Weird being on the other side of the lens.

Wednesday, July 9

"We're going nowhere. Fast."

There are so many good scenes in 'The Loveless'. More like a collection of moving photographs than a movie. Check out the scene where Dafoe rides past the women in the car with the flat. We watch from their perspective as he roars past on his Panhead then does a neat little controlled skid about 100 yards up the road as he slows to turn around. Cool.

Friday, July 4

Garage Company

Yoshi is a GK supporter and supplier! Laurent Bagnard took these shots for the mag.