Friday, May 30


I love this issue. Best yet. Mike D's old Triumph (now owned by Damon York), Mark Drews' Pan, Wall of Death with some awesome photography, Adam Wright profile. Available now. I sincerely believe there isn't a better (English language) bike mag out there.

Monday, May 26


Wasko, Buzz and Timmy. I'm surprised they agreed to be photographed with a tractor in their midst. Good people.

Thursday, May 22

Girls, tattoos and five spokes

Stumbled onto the Daredevil Tattoo website ( outta New York and the photography is top-notch. Really nicely put together website too. They've obviously spent some money!

Saturday, May 17

I'm stranded

The Saints pre-dated most of the UK punk bands. This album helped create punk rock. I still love it. I still play it often. In fact, this and 'Damned Damned Damned' are the two punk albums that stand up best today, IMO. The Pistols sound dated in comparison.

Friday, May 16

ULH drunk

Yeah, that's how the photo's captioned. Look at that paintjob. And the 'drunk's crazy leather jacket. Great image.

Thursday, May 15

Never ending inspiration

And while we're at it ...

... another caff racer being thrashed. You remember Daz and his Trident-powered Triton don't you? That's him, against the Sydney skyline. That thing screams.

And still with the family ...

My brother Adam nestling a Guzzi caff racer into a corner on a fine English afternoon, wearing an original '60s Stadium helmet and Lewis Leathers. Jolly good show!

Nephew Jake

Get 'em started early ...