Wednesday, April 30


Been listening to early Slade. And I wish I'd kept my copy of Nick Knight's book, which goes for stupid money on eBay now. It's still an iconic, and yes British, look.

Monday, April 28

Okun's shovel

So many cool old bits and pieces of this bike. Muffler by Fubar! Great feature by Mochi appearing in issue #6.

Saturday, April 26


They call them 'sheds' here in Oz. My garage is a mess, and now I have a baby I don't get in here much. And lots of this stuff will never be used by me. And I hate the fact I've already chipped the kicker pedal that I love (sorry Brandon). And I feel ashamed I still haven't mounted the Flanders bars Bill Mize gave me (sorry Bill). And now my wife is saying I spend too long on the computer (sorry wife).

Wednesday, April 23

Borstal Boys

Tattoos only came in one colour: india ink. Instruments were cheap. We ate space cake in Amsterdam while Ronnie Dawson drummed on my knees, high as a kite. I look so young.

Wednesday, April 16


Just saw the 'Control' movie about Ian Curtis and Joy Division. They were a huge influence on me. They were a huge influence on a good friend who took his own life a few years after Curtis. This great film resonated with me as I was very involved with their music at the time. Each frame is shot like a photograph by Anton Corbijn.

Thursday, April 10

Wall of Death

Another feature coming up in #6. Imagine riding an 80 year old Indian Scout vertically around a wooden wall you built yourself ...

Sunday, April 6

Joycey's Triumph

Shot Matt's bike for the mag. It looks great with the 'J' springer, and rides really well. Matt's excuse for exhaust wrap was 'shitty welds'. What am I doing with a Harley?

Saturday, April 5

Von Daz

Darren's a legend. He builds. he paints. He rides his vintage Speedway bike on the street!