Wednesday, June 24

Issue 10

Subs will be shipping before the weekend ... issue will be on sale shortly after.

It's a good 'un!

Saturday, June 20

Girls, girls, girls

We all know girls are cool. I just didn't know how cool it was to be dad to one until now! Maisie joined us yesterday, a sister to Freddy.

And if she doesn't grow up loving motorcycles I won't be fulfilling my duties as a father...

Wednesday, June 17

I'm needy for Knucks

If you haven't checked out Jeff Baer's Knucklebuster Blog yet, do it now (linked right)! He's posted some great shots from the NY Rhinebeck show, and I couldn't resist borrowing these two. That's Jeff's 'Hydra-bob' next to his buddy Dan's red Knuck, with original '50s custom styling, and check out the black mustang-tanked, twin-carbed beast above 'em!

Don't know about you, but I'd like to see more of all these beauties. Suffice to say, they will hopefully end up in GK's pages...

Monday, June 15


Seems like an age ago I had to put the GK online store on ice, but now it's up and running again, so all you people who've emailed me unable to buy subs and the last issue can now do so! Just click on the GK link in the list of URLs, right...

Also, my homemade website is soon to be defunct ... I have a NEW website and store going up soon. It's top secret, but it's going to look the dog's gonads (because I've had fuck all to do with it!). I simply cannot wait...

What's more, we have stickers, caps and tees in the pipeline (about time, I hear you mutter); it won't be long!

Stay tuned ... and in the meantime, get spending!

Again, many APOLOGIES to all our loyal readers for the messing about over the past few months with our move back to Blighty.

Sunday, June 14


Yeah, yeah, he out-bikered Marlon, but did you know he received a Purple Heart in the Marines in WWII?


Friday, June 12

BOREDOM relief

After a day proofreading and layout twiddling, another look at Joel Pippett's stonking Triumph has relieved the fug that had descended upon my mind.

This bike hits me like caffeine.


Yeah, well, I say what I mean
I say what comes to my mind
I never get around to things
I live a straight, straight line

You know me, I'm acting dumb
you know the scene: very humdrum



Thursday, June 11

I wish garage looked like this. Shit, I wish I had a bike in it, let alone three this cool. This is James from Jamesville's ... see his yummy Ul in issue 10.

Tuesday, June 9

Tourist Trophy

Just been watching the TT Superstock racing on the TV preceded by '100 greatest moments from the TT'. Great show, with Joey Dunlop and Mike Hailwood dominating the top 'moments'.

Fantastic that the IOM TT continues to run; I'm going... one day.

Old bikes need to be ridden...


Monday, June 8

Dogs 2, UK wildlife 0

So our dogs are settling in well (better than me) after their long journey from Australia. And they seem to like their new yard. While Freddy nurtures the flowers, they kill the fauna. The haul so far is one headless pigeon and one mauled mouse.

My family has bred bull terriers for years. My great grandfather used to take his English Bull Terriers to Liverpool docks where he was paid a penny for every rat they caught.

Smokin' Norton

G'day Matt!

Sunday, June 7

What's my name?

What the hell is wrong with me?
I'm not who I want to be
I tried spot cream an' I tried it all I'm crawling up the wall!

What's my name?

I tried to join a ping-pong club, sign on the door said all full up!
I got nicked, fighting in the road an' the judge didn't even know

What's my name?

Dad got pissed so I got clocked
Couldn't hear the Tannoy so he lost the lot
Offers Mum a bribe through the letter box
Drives you fucking mad

What's my name?

Now I'm round the back of your house at night
Peeping in the window - are you sleeping tight?
I laugh at your locks with my celloid strip
An' you won't know who came

What's my name?

Dermot's Norton caff racer

In issue 10. Beautiful.

Friday, June 5

Another neat project happening in Oz

Tim's a luthier ... and a bike builder too. This Beesa looks like it has some great potential. Check the pipes! Not sure about that headlight yet but the thing has class.

Thursday, June 4

Wednesday, June 3

Still a sucker for shovels

This neat choppity-chop was built by Zottel in Germany. Hey, we haven't featured a German bike yet...

Tuesday, June 2

The CBGB tour

CBGB closed on October 15, 2006 ... but you can still take a cool virtual tour inside, here:

Some of my favourite bands played at this legendary venue (Agnostic Front, X-Ray Spex, Ramones, Blondie, The Jam etc etc). Thanks for the link Kev!

Monday, June 1

I always liked this one too

This is Bucky Crispin's Triumph ('65 Bonnie lump) from the GK website; it was featured ... oh ... around 3-4 years ago. So Californian! I dig it the most, dad.

Killing Joke

Before Jaz Coleman started wearing stupid costumes, Killing Joke were a great band. Listen to 'Change', and you will!