Tuesday, March 13

On its way

Blimey... it's been a bit of a saga. I bought this panel truck off Dan Collins last September, but then decided not to ship it with winter approaching as I had no garage. Then I had to pay a tax bill and decided to sell it there rather than ship it, then changed my mind again.

Through all this, Matt Davis has kept it on his drive in LA, got the cab trimmed, got the brakes fixed, drove it here and there, dealt with potential purchasers, then took it to the shippers for me. And now it's on its way to merrye olde englande.

Thank you so much mate. What a good friend you are. I'll let you show me how the airbags work when you come over.


Sideburn Magazine said...

Amazing. Save some money for the underseal...

arcadian said...

meant to be mate