Sunday, March 25

F**k this, let's read

Matt 'n' Dean keep it fresh yet again with the new DicE, offering a free patch for subscribers (but I simply can't wear it with that apostrophe missing) and some lovely content... including two bikes I would have killed to feature in GKM: Milo's 45 and the Love Cycles lil' '39 Knuck that really influenced my Panhead.

Honestly, we are poles apart in lots of ways as publications (which is why we co-exist so well), but some recent features they've introduced like the Mullins Chaindrive tech pages and 'Favourite Things' spreads had me stabbing myself in the face with my cereal spoon, they are such nice ideas.

Damn them.


WhitelinePsycho said...

Ghastly mate, bloody cereal spoon, ouch !!! Thank you sir, may I have another ?

Diesel said...

Guy, The new Dice IS pretty strong but you have NOTHING to be ashamed of my friend. Keep up the good work.