Saturday, March 5

With a little (lot of) help from my friends

The '52 will be rolling again soon... maybe you saw this progress photo on DTFP?

Anyway, those are the very Rivera 'shakers that were on Matt D's Pan when he gave it to me to ride around LA last June. And beautiful brother that he is, Matt slung 'em in the post to me in my hour of need after he'd swapped 'em out for some Superiors. I love the fact I now have a permanent memento on my bike of one of the best weeks I have ever spent... hey, I even broke down on the LA freeway at night (not recommended) with those mufflers for company!

After fiddle-faddling my way through another winter and only getting as far as renewing brake pads/some electrics and changing rims/tyres (and shakily truing the front), increasing amounts of sunshine have prompted me to send the Pan on its now-annual vacation to Bromsgrove.

Benny is working his magic on the pipes and sissy bar and other odds and sods to get the bike rolling again. Without him and Zip, I'd still be cable-tying parts to this heap come summer.


Anonymous said...

Cool. Can't do everything aye bro.

Knuckle Buster said...

No shame, If it wasn't for help from my friends I'd be way behind on my projects...wait...I am way behind on my projects...bad example

Nobbi said...

please more pics.