Wednesday, March 16

Do you know who made this seat?

It's the Solo Seat 2" Padding. Distributed by Hap Jones (these pics are from one of their late 60s catalogues).

Can someone enlighten me?


Leedog said...

Looks like Southern Cycles seats bud

jimmy monk said...

on the born loser site there's this red triumph chop with what looks like this seat.

Guy@GK said...

Thanks Jimmy... I also got an email from Oli (Belgium) and he has the same seat on his brown pan. I knew I'd seen one before! He said the same thing... only knows it's from Hap Jones... no known maker.

Guy@GK said...

Jimmy, just checked... it's a Bates on that Trumpet. The seam where it's stitched on the sides is vertical, where the seams on the Hap Jones above are diagonal.