Wednesday, March 2

The glory of Dealer Boots

Yeah yeah, Red Wings are all very well. And sure, they last a long time and look nice. But if you're looking for a work boot with real panache and heritage, the dealer boot cannot be beaten.

Seen on the feet of Romany horse-whippers, Northolt ex-borstal boys and every rockin' n'er-do-well in 1980s London, dealers have to be tan with a brogue top and AirWare sole. No arguments. (Leather soles are sometimes acceptable but beware, you may be mistaken for a toff with an actual horse.)

In the '80s, even Holts didn't have 'em. You had to go to Southall Market or the manufacturers in Northampton.

And if you're worried they don't have enough SoCal-cool-cat-class, check the early scene in Hells Angels on Wheels where Jack tips a rival MC member headfirst down the bog during the bar fight. What's the guy wearing? Dealers, bro!


jimmy monk said...

Dordy kakker!

Jahluv said...

I remember seeing those shoes back in the day, the ones in black with leather soles we called "Beatle Boots."

In the early 1980's there was only one spot in Los Angeles that you could buy Doc Martins, creepers, winklepickers, and the like - it was a spot on Melrose called NaNa's. The owner would bring them over from the UK... Cowboy's and Poodle's, FLIP, and Retail Slut had all of the 60's slim suits, Fred Perry and Ben Sherman gear for us wannabe Mods. All of those shops were run by expat Brits... Good Times!

deluxestyling said...

Southall Horse Market on the Uxbridge Road. Now there's a distant memory. Yep bought quite a few pairs there. Was always quite glad the bloke had his stall near the entrance so you didn't have to go round the back where the horse dealings went on. As in the picture with DM soles, a couple in tan, a pair that were smooth and a brogue pair as well as some in cherry red that I was ever so happy with. Then went for a leather soled pair. They had quarter tips in the heels, nearly killed myself falling down some stairs in 'em. Still wore them 'till recently.

Sideburn Magazine said...

Red Wings don't last that long. Well, the uppers might, but the soles don't. G