Monday, March 21

Pan paint: the saga drags on

You may remember I was getting a little preoccupied with trying to track down what my Panhead's paint is. I thought I'd established it wasn't an OEM Harley shade, until I spotted Two-Pan Dan's bike (top) on the Jockey Journal. The colour looked identical to mine.


I got hold of him (thanks, Jock-E-Shift) and hoped he might reveal what Harley model my unusual shade of green originated with.

But no, turns out it's a GM colour: Emerald Green.

Well, whoever suggested it was a Ford colour (Bullitt Mustang) was closer than most it seems.


tiptopdadddy said...

As a point of useless trivia you may enjoy, Fender Guitars uses the same DuCo (Dupont Color) paints as GM.

Guy@GK said...

Another bit of trivia: vehicle paint of any sort in Australia is often generically referred to as 'DuCo'.