Friday, March 25

The lair of Von Daz

2008. I miss hanging out here on a Saturday afternoon. Von Daz's place in Marrickville was home to his Chevy kustom, Trident-powered Triton and supercharged Trumpet flattracker... all owner-built and mental in the best possible way.

Add the odd chopper, a couple of stock Triumphs, newly-acquired vintage Speedway bikes (we rode one of them on the street the afternoon these were taken) and a fridge full of Carlton Draught and it was always good times, all the way.

Still reading this mate? Hope you're well! How's that twin-engined Triumph dragbike coming along?


Anonymous said...

Hey Guy
still check'n ya out!! twin engine bike on hold till i find second motor
cb 750 digger almost finished!!!!

matt machine said...

hey daz!......

Anonymous said...

hey children!!

Darren Clancy said...

Thanks for great paint job von daz.
I need to check it out on your intragram