Sunday, March 20

The Bear necessities

I've just been sent a tuck 'n' roll seat and matching p-pad by Adam and Kath Nickel, proprietors of the very fine Bear Parts Co in Queensland, Australia.

Once you get these Bates replicas in your hands, only then do you realise what pale imitations the rest of the so-called 'Bates style' seats on the market are. (And believe me, some of the others available are WOEFUL.) Adam and Kath have gone to almost unbelievable lengths to get the detailing and feel of the Bear Parts Co seats correct.

These things are flippin' lovely. And worth every cent. If they're good enough for Mike Davis to put on the Born Free Panhead, they're good enough for you!

Buy yours here.


Rob said...

now guy.
im currently in queensland on me travels, you see a fair few bikes about but nothing much that seems to have been built by people. be intresting to konw where all the nice bikes are and not just the stock ones i see everywhere

Guy@GK said...

Good question Rob. I had (have!) a few friends with homebuilt choppers and most of them were hundreds of miles apart...

If you want galleon-themed billet longbikes though, Australia's your country.

Rob said...

hey guy.
cheers for your reply. it is a bloody massive place like, im sure i'll stumble across some folk with some bikes that may intrest me soon just gotta keep them eyes open.
there is a bloke who owns a pawnbrokrs near me with two old triumphs just sat in the junk in the shop! pretty funny man really.

Adam Nickel said...

Make no mistake Rob, it's absolutely terrible here, horrible bikes abound. In QLD there is literally 2 or 3 nice bikes, that's it. Hopefully it may grow into something one day, but at the moment there is really no scene at all to speak of.

At least you can't beat the weather, with year round riding.

Mike Davis said...

Hey Guy I agree completely..they look very nice and very high quality!