Tuesday, March 1

Who knows their old OEM Harley FL colours?

I ... ahem... have a requirement to match the paint on my '52 Pan (above) and have no idea what colour green this is... or even if it's a Harley shade.

I know it's not a stock colour for 1952.

Anyone know? Please?


Irish Rich said...

The only green offered in '52 was Tropical Green, and that's more of a kelly green shade, and a solid color.

Your's is definately not a '52 color. Best bet is to have a sprayer at your local smash repair match your color for you.

How'd I do on the Brit lingo?

Guy@GK said...

Good lingo Rich. Spot on mate.

I can get it matched... just wondered if Harley ever offered this shade.

jimmy monk said...

I think it may be a Ford Green.
It reminds me of the colour of Steves car in Bullitt.

Jan said...

this might help: http://www.hydra-glide.com/yearbyyear.html