Saturday, March 26

For Shaky Mike, Dean...

...and anyone else who loves Cavan.

I found this documentary on an old VHS the other day. 'Blue Suede Shoes' is a real mish-mash of a film, and mostly looks at the impact Bill Haley had on the UK, with footage of him playing at The Royalty. There is also footage of other bands (Freddie Fingers Lee, Matchbox) from Caister in '79 (including this clip).

If you never went to Caister in the 'good old days', this film sums it up brilliantly... mix of Teds and rockabillies, fighting security, having a good time. I got into this scene in the early eighties, and at my local venues like The Royalty and The Cherry Tree you would still have a 'mixed' crowd: the old Teds and the young rockin' kids glowering at each other across the dance floor.

Good times.


DicE Magazine said...

rockin at the hard rock ka' tonigh' gonna rock n roll till broad day ly'
Love it.
Flying Saucers do a good version of 'Keep On Comin' on that video too. Also the B/W clip of Cliff doing Turn Me loose at the beginning is KILLER!!
ps. Boz is scattered through that whole thing too!

Shu said...

Quality will always out it's self!