Wednesday, March 2


When I was a kid, we often went on holiday to northern France and visited the war graves and D-Day beaches. I grew up with an appreciation for and interest in history and want to instill the same thing in my children.

Imagine being a tailgunner in a bomber stuck in a metal and glass bowl the size of a large cardboard box, with a life expectancy of two weeks. I can't.


Oldtimerworkshop said...

Good to see such a big machine like the Halifax under cover and not rotting outside, "we will remember them".

As an aside those sleeve valve engines sound fantastic and unlike anything else.

Trawler said...

good on ya, I took my kids to Normandy. You got to let them know that war isnt like in the video games.

Her Majesty's Thunder said...

Great post, Guy. All gave some, and some gave all.