Sunday, July 31

Honour amongst bike riders?

Someone stole the 'Chop it, ride it' GKM banner off the veranda of the Pavilion at the Hayride.

If you hear a whisper, please email me at in confidence. This is money taken directly from my pocket, presumably by another bike rider... Pretty sad.

Other than that, it's been a blinding weekend; look for photos and winner of The GKM trophy tomorrow.....

- Posted on the move


23bricks said...

Not a bike rider, a 4 wheeler twat with a bike in the back of his pickup to complete his look.

If it was a bag of weed or a quart of oil now that could be put to good use.

Milo said...

guy - i know the current location of a nice linkert attacks banner i could steal for you

ps haven't seen the mag yet because i've moved address!!