Wednesday, July 13


Milo's 1950 WR TT is one of only 69 WRs produced that year.


Er... yep.

It won Best of Show at Linkert Attacks! UK a few weeks back, and is on the cover of the new issue, out on August 1.

Wait until you see the photos by Oliver Bampfylde... they've helped create some of my favourite GKM spreads so far. This bike was rescued from a display case and is now thrashed. How good – how right – is that?

Milo also has impeccable taste in music.



The 9/16ths said...

I got to ride it twice; once when I could barely stand late at night... "just aim for the light" i'm sure thats what Milo said. I'm glad I didn't know how rare it was.

Quaffmeister said...

Seduce my ancient footwear!!!!
I could live happily ever after with that!

jimmy monk said...

the puerto rican couple shoulda won

Milo said...

Tom - I had forgotten that! Followed swiftly by your less than swift Rollie free impression