Wednesday, July 6

One man's trash...

Anyway, I got this nice NOS '50s Lecrolite cylinder head/base nut spanner from US Ebay (more on what I'm doing with it later), but just as interesting is what it came wrapped in.

Am I the only person who is fascinated by other countries' newspapers?

As we are currently house-hunting, wandering through a succession of pokey, overpriced English hovels, it was fascinating to unwrap this section of the Grand Rapids Press and see what would be on offer if we moved to Michigan.

Check it out: 4655 square feet, 5 bedrooms, triple garage, photographic studio (ha!) and home office. OK, I have no idea what the price is... but, wow. That's my kind of house.

Better start working on the missus to move Stateside (again).


79rigid said...

I'm guessing in Michigan that house wouldn't be very expensive.Here(Vancouver)that would be well over a million dollars.

American motorcycles said...

I bet that came from Easy Russ Auto & salvage. I do always look trough the newspapers he wrap my parts in, we are then at least two of us.
I will meet Russ next weekend, he is a different character, I could tell you some stories from when staying at his place in the early 90ìes. Back then my eyes nearly popped out of my ol head when getting into his caves.


Guy@GK said...

You're right Sverre... it came from Russ!