Tuesday, July 19

Loz: an update

Remember Loz, the Aussie who flew to Illinois to buy a Pan in 1975?

The front half of his old Pan's frame, plus the original trans, went into this latest reincarnation of the bike, which Loz has just finished. He used a V-Twin Pan motor. Nice photo by the ocean... 20 degrees and sunny in mid-winter! I miss that.

The middle photo is of Loz on his '47 Knuck in about '86, with his nephew riding pillion. And yes, Loz still has the bike...

He is a font of knowledge about old H-Ds... which I am taking advantage of. (He pointed out an RL springer incorrectly captioned as a VL in one of our features... oops.) He also has more cool old parts than you can shake a stick at. Later I'll show you the photos of the Howard 50 degree v-twin motors he has in his shed... and an Ozbike magazine feature bike using one... good stuff.


Roger Chambers said...

Both bikes lovely Guy....when my Shovel motor quits I'd like to put a Vtwin motor in. Back in the day I shot that Howard bike....a guy called KIwi in Sydney owned it and the feature went in Heavy Duty....I think.....I did do some features for Ozbike under a pseudonym though.

Anonymous said...

Top photo of Loz is one I took at a rural transfer station. Pity there aren't any pics of him cranking the old girl out the gates and down the manky gravel road on his way out. Don't our riders in Aus like a bit of gravel !!! Cat