Friday, July 8

Let the fun begin

Finally found time to start snooping around the rear cylinder to see what was creating the (presumably) heat-related noise.

The head looks OK with nothing obviously broken or bent yet; it's a '56 head, with the later o-ring manifold. Would have liked '52 heads, but am happy not to have the hassle of the plumber's nut intake.

Scoring in the cylinder looks a little ominous. Wonder if the piston has similar marking. Pete's coming to have a look-see this weekend as I have no idea what I'm doing!


Neo Dutch said...

Did someone forget the circlips for the gudgeon pin?

Guy@GK said...

Er... no. Can't be bothered relating the tale yet again.

conartist said...

Both barrels off my '56 ... blown head gasket and mystery noise ... I'm with you all the way mate !