Sunday, July 31

Congratulations Toddy

Deserved and popular winner of the GKM trophy at the Hot Rod Hayride: his Triumph blew minds!

What a great weekend. More photos soon.


Pete Stansfield said...

Great photos !

Benny said...

A great choice Guy and a very well deserved win. Toddy is a true craftsman, the detail and the work on that bike is exceptional. And Toddy is a great bloke too.

Guy@GK said...

It was a very hard decision Benny... me and Andy deliberated for a long, long time. So many quality machines... Zip's Ironhead, Capt Oates' shovel, etc etc... but I think this was a popular win.

Good to see you again!

toddy said...

A moment i'll remember for ever,
Thanks Guy.

Benny you way too kind you sweet talker you.