Saturday, July 9

I come from Garageland

After spending another afternoon lying on the floor of the dilapidated old cow shed I use to work on my Panhead, my envious thoughts drifted to a couple of friends who have workspaces I really envy. Buzz (who helped me put my Pan together in Australia) recently built this new garage (or shed as they're known in Oz) on to the back of an existing lock-up on his property. How cool – and big – is that?

But it doesn't have to be big to be bitchin'! Steve Marshall's garage (bottom) is one of the coolest I've seen... but he must be a tidy-freak to keep everything from cascading onto the floor.

Pete Stansfield's workshop, of course, is legendary (just wear your thermals if you visit him after November)... but that deserves a post of its own.

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