Saturday, July 10

Wil's BBQ

The day after Born Free 2, Matt drove us down in the (unspeakably cool) DicE van to Seal Beach, where Wil had invited us to his place for a BBQ.

Wil has built some stonking choppers (which you would recognise, as I did, from various mag features) and has a nice pad near the water. Beer and wonderful food were laid on, so we just kicked back and I introduced myself to some of the people I have until now only 'known' over the phone or email.

The Kemosabe crew were in attendance, resting up before their epic journey back home, and they regaled us with stories from the road (check out the Lake Tahoe posts on their blog... wow). It was also good to share a few beers with Walter (Kickstart MC Supply), a great supporter of the mag and a top bloke, who had ridden his FXR across the country from NJ!

Ironically, I didn't catch the name of the guy in the red tee in the photo above, but his Pan/shovel was amazing – an original time-capsule outlaw chopper with 'Candy Man' engraving on the engine. He'd ridden it to California from somewhere in the mid-West, just for the show.

Also in the photo above are Caleb (Cro Customs), Mike Davis (Born Loser), The Nash (Mindpill), Walter and Mochi (talking to Matt in the background). I also had the pleasure of talking to Wil, Brian Harlow, Bacon, Eugene, Yoshiki (Vise), Gak (HawgHolic), Grant & Harpoon (FMA), John Edwards, Can't Stay Jose (who turned up in a tasty old pickup) and a lot of other great people whose names Pabst made me forget. All of them are people I look up to, whose bikes and lifestyles have, over the years, inspired me from afar.

Of course, my little camera's memory ran out after this photo was taken, but there is plenty of coverage of this get-together elsewhere. I just hope my usual over-compensation for shyness with the beer didn't let me down.


ALien POison said...

What up guy? I'm
the dude on candy man from Colorado. Great to meet ya man!

Guy@GK said...

You too... and I still don't know your name!

ALien POison said...


Dave Polgreen said...

It was good to meet you finally Guy. Glad your pan is up and running well now.