Thursday, July 22

New issue is at the printer

After the usual late nights hitting a deadline, it's at this stage in each issue's early life – when it's nestled in the loving arms of the printer – that I can settle back, take my mind off my magazine... and catch up on other people's!

Is it possible to overindulge in too much sickly, super-sweet motorsickle goodness?

Well, no.


matt@machine said...

fucking dumb governments is what it is guy...who dont give a shit...bullshit....100%

CHEAPO said...

Hey Guy,
Pretty curious to see what the new GK will look like...

Good to see Motorized! helps you settle back a bit, hope you liked it.
If it wouldn't be for GK M and Dice, I would be doing Motorized! I guys showing the way for independant publishing...Thanx man.
Hope we can meet at the Hayride next weekend.
Counting down anxiously for this years UK trip.

Cheerz man!