Monday, July 19

Snared: Dan's Knuck

Been tracking this one for a while... and finally got the photos, in an exclusive NJ protective CD folder!

This bike has all the cool stuff... and looks like it dropped out of a mid-fifties photo to find itself suddenly in the 21st century. It'll be in issue 17.

Thanks Jeff!


drsprocket said...

Guy, I've seen this machine several times up close and personal over the last 3 or 4 years. Have ridden with Dan on a couple of road runs back in New York. This machine has early California history for days and you have to really study it to see all the cool work that makes it great. Long overdue for mass consumption. Rich

Knuckle Buster said...

You're Welcome Guy. And It kinda did jump out of the 50's. I'll email you the details.

Steve said...

I have also seen this bike in person a few times and it is a real beauty