Wednesday, July 21

The Bench*Mark connection

When Pete and I were at Benny's workshop eariler this year, I spotted one of these CNC Slinky air cleaners on one of his customers' bikes, and loved it. About four inches across, I thought 'that would look nice on the Pan' and wondered who made it. Then Benny handed us some Bench*Mark stickers, and I'm ashamed to say I hadn't heard of them.

Fast forward a few months to the Born Free show, and one of the bikes that really stood out for me (which is syaing something at that show) was this Panhead – coincidentally wearing one of those dinky cleaners.

But it was only yesterday I made the connection and realised that both bike and air cleaner were created by the same guy, Kim Boyle of Bench*Mark (run with his partner and good friend Pat McCormack), in Carlsbad, CA. Unfortunately Street Chopper and DicE got to the feature before us (so you can read about the bike in those fine publications), but you can see what else Bench*Mark are up to here.

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