Thursday, July 29

On the road again

Me and Pete are off dahn sarf for the Hotrod Hayride at the crack of sparrers tomorrow morning, and I'll be bringing caps, tees & mags... so hit me up if you need anything. I won't have a stand at the event (too busy drinking... er... working) but please introduce yourself if you see me wandering about in me GKM hat.

I will also be bringing down the '59 AMA/GKM trophy which some lucky bikerider will be taking home with them. See you there...


Johnny said...

Good stuff Guy. Nice to see you're mobile again. Have one for me at the weekend!

Nobbi said...

Hi Guy,
is this your Pan?

Looks Great and comfortably.

i need a seatpost too for my bad spinal disc.
i will start the next time with my project.

Guy@GK said...

Nobbi, yes... this is how it looks today. It will look different next week...!