Tuesday, June 1

Mass production it ain't

The global sticker-swap which is fuelling so many Blogs' content at the moment illustrates one of the things I love about individuals sharing their passion for motorcycles.

The quality and creativity you find in the stuff produced by some of these little homegrown companies is amazing. I got my Born Free raffle tickets today (support the cause, click to win the Panhead on the link to the right>) and the posters and tickets are beautifully rendered, on lovely thick stock. Mike D and the guys could have used normal paper, but this attention to detail and quality gladdens my heart; likewise, Gary and Ben at Sideburn didn't have to use metallic ink on the cover of the latest issue, but their love for what they're doing means they put aesthetics above profit. And Matt & Dean have done it again with their free stencil with the new issue of DicE... this constant inventiveness and freshness makes me happy.

You don't get this love for quality and love for the reader from the big publishers/retailers, so thank you again to all of you who spend your hard-won cash with us, the independents.

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