Friday, June 18

Born Free and back

I rode to Born Free with the DicE crew... Matt let me ride his '48/'60 Panhead, and he rode his Shovel chopper. We set off from Glendale and it was a 45 minute run down the freeway to Long Beach. Matt warned me about the rain grooves and I'm glad he did... the back end of the Pan was all over the road and the girls in the DicE van said it looked pretty sketchy from behind. We arrived around 8.30am.

The show was overwhelming. Check all the other Blogs for the details; even the SoCal locals said they'd never seen so many top-notch bikes in one place, and that's good enough for me. I was stuck behind the stand most of the day, but got to meet some great people. Thank you if you stopped to say hello.

We stopped at Alex's for a few beers afterwards, but Matt and I were knackered and rode back home around 9. Then the Pan's throttle cable snapped, I managed to pull in right on the freeway exit without getting killed, and me and the bike rode home on a recovery truck.

A great day!


grant said...

Guy, it was great to finally meet you. Hope the trip was worth it! You'll get my bike as soon as i change a few little things.

mind pill said...

nice meeting you Guy....was i coherent? if not, sorry....if i was....well, very good. nash

Joyrides Art Co said...

Guy, I glad we finally got to meet. Yeah, the event was crazy and I am glad I didn't get stuck in the back where you were set up! That area was packed! Look forward to more photoshoots for you. Keep up the good work!