Tuesday, June 29

Run to the sun

Just back from Linkert Attacks! in France... stinky, tired and still buzzing after 1300 miles and a great five days' riding, relaxing (and yes, some wrenching).

Our little group comprised Olivier's '47 Knucklehead, my Panhead, Pete's Shovel, Tom's 45, Simo's Indian Scout and Darren's 650 Trophy chopper.

We were joined on the way by two Dutch flatheads, a French couple on a Shovel and Evo Sportster, and two French guys in a '32 Ford. The Triumph didn't make it down (burned out clutch), Simo got a puncture (fixed) and my Pan's crankcase plug blew out on the way back (fixed with the 'French Tip').

More soon. I need a shower.


Rowan said...

I thought it was no Evo's... dont tell me they let it in... i could have done the 4000 km round trip if thats the case... aaaaargh !!!

Guy@GK said...

Carole (the girl on the Evo) is a friend of Fred, the organiser... and she had to leave her bike outside the rally!

Rowan said...

oh that makes me feel a bit better.... next year with the 45 i hope

caspar SOG said...

next year is not possible, it's only every 2 years... I had also a nice trip(1400km) with my hand made shovel bobber, great to see all these nice bikes together! Next year I'll go to something similar as Linkert, but in Nord-West of france. You'll find it later on our web site sog-france.eu
See you on the road!