Saturday, June 19

Born Free's Best Knuck

I've loved Kiyo's Knuckle since the day I first saw a photo of it... and a couple of days after it won 'Best Knucklehead' at Born Free 2, I headed down to Garage Company to do a feature on Kiyo and his machine for GKM.

He's a super nice, relaxed and talented bloke, and after seeing so many photos of his bike it was mind-blowing to soak up all the amazing details in person. After shooting the bike – and the shit – for about half an hour, Kiyo treated me to a doughnut on his Knuck in the middle of the road outside the shop. He kicks it over and rides it like a flamin' dirtbike.


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cro said...

Glad to see Kiyo is finally getting the recognition he deserves. It is long over due. Kiyo puts us all, and I mean all, to shame.

A true, salt of the earth cat, very proud to call him a friend for all these years!