Wednesday, June 23

"I was lost in France...

... in the fields the birds were singing.
I was lost in France, and the day was just beginning.
As I stood there in the pouring rain, I had a feeling I can't explain..."

Bonnie Tyler, eh? What a great song. And a reminder that we're off to Linkert Attacks early tomorrow... the vintage Harley rally near Bourges, organised by Fred of Pyramid Cycles (issue 11).

Johnny R took these pics on the 2008 run, so it's a taste of what's to come: long sunlit French roads, lots of nice cheese and wine... and hopefully no getting lost in the rain.


tiptopdadddy said...

I really envy some of the choice rallies you get to go to buddy. Have a great time!

Red Torpedo said...

Every bike in the world is improved with a sleeping bag strapped to it.